Good Morning World!

“The emptiness and futility of life, the resentment, and fear that keep us from inward serenity in the face of life’s ills, the lovelessness that fills the earth with conflict, all find their cure in our reconciliation with God. Nothing less will bridge those seas of misunderstanding across which we “shout to one another.”

The antagonisms that divide the world are due to our own inner conflicts. Peace is one of the by-products that come from seeking God’s rule and His righteousness. God has now entrusted to us this ministry of reconciliation. Let us use it wisely”.

– James S. Reid



Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2018 by Simple Dimple.  All Rights Reserved.

3 thoughts on “Good Morning World!

  1. The modern world is in deep conflict and peace has become a costly derivative .Peace is so beautiful but the people never want to buy the most cheapest peace available .
    Thee is empitiness everywhere.


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