I Appreciate You, Sincerely.


I wish to apologize to you, who has made a comment here that I did not answer right away or eventually did not reply to.

This also goes to anyone who has given me an award in the past which I acknowledged but failed to undertake. Continue reading “I Appreciate You, Sincerely.”

Wordless Wednesday!

It’s mid-week! Yeah, it’s another Wednesday when pictures speak for themselves. Does this picture speak to you?


Dubai from mihran Continue reading “Wordless Wednesday!”

Good Morning World.


Today, take a good look at the mirror and be grateful for the gift of you. You are elegant just the way you are.

Don’t allow negative people to tell you otherwise.

Breathe in and inhale all the good and awesome fragrance around you, and breathe out and exhale all the bad and pungent air around you.  Continue reading “Good Morning World.”