Tuesday Photo Challenge – Birthday!


Recently, the Pastor of our church celebrated his birthday. And a friend’s son was baptized as well as dedicated to the Lord.  All these took place on the same Sunday. The birthday and the baptism/dedication.

Soon after the church service ended, all members and invited guests moved over to the church hall where the birthday celebration and the dedication parties were held simultaneously.  There was an array of assorted foods, drinks, and beverages.


*Birthday Cake*



*Child Dedication and Baptism*


birthday 3



Cake 7



cake 8



cake 3




cake 2



birthday 2


The church members sang the conventional birthday song as well as the Danish version before the Pastor cut his birthday cake. We congratulated him and wished him a prosperous life ahead. Gifts and presents were also handed over to him and he received them with great admiration. The delicious cake was served and it was a pretty good feast.

The children were not left out of the fun as they were also entertained at their session of the church building.

Everyone ate and drank and we all had great fun. It was one of those moments when the atmosphere is joyous and people wore happy smiles as they left for home.



My entry for Tuesday Photo Challenge – Birthday





Frank – Dutch Goes The Photo





Peace and Love!

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