My Focus Word For Today Is Dilly-Dallying: 

The worst that can happen to a PERSON is not taking a decision. It’s a disaster for anyone to live life through indecisions. Are you always torn between what to say, what to do, how to react, how to move, what to wear, what to eat…? Do you have a big problem weighing options endlessly and tossing between indecisions? When you keep dilly-dallying, you waste too much precious time. It is harmful to be in that state of hesitations and aimless wandering.

So, today if you identify that trait in you, it’s time to jump off that train of blowing hot and cold. Stop loitering on the hallway when you should be in the boardroom. Stop over processing matters and procrastinate for too long. Stop the endless wandering in the desert. Stop sitting on the fence with indecisions. Don’t sleep too long on the bench anymore when you ought to strike a straight point. Don’t just be present at the meeting and keep doing “hmmn, haaa and haww” when you ought to come forth with tangible opinions. Don’t be a flop when you should be prominent.

Again, it’s a disaster for anyone when you keep standing on the platform shilly-shallying for ages and afraid to board the flight. You are likely to be left by the plane. Therefore, sit up. It’s time to stop shilly-shallying. Stop that delay process in your life. Decisions will not make themselves. Actions will not perform themselves. Instructions will not give themselves. Truth is, those opportunities, those chances, and their likes will not wait for someone who is too weak-minded. No. You’ve got to be proactive and progressive else you’d dance around the bush and regress gradually.

The point I’m making today is to deal decisively with issues that demand attention and don’t push them under the carpet. Make optimal decisions and be quick with it if you want a better outcome in life. Make it your lifestyle to act fast and don’t beat about the bush for things that demand urgent attention.

Some people are tenacious about what they want while some are forever contemplating on what they want. There lies the difference in lifestyles. There lies the difference with people. And there lies the different results people produce. To make progress in life, indecisiveness has to be thrown out of the window.

When we constantly vacillate between ideas, we only stagnate ourselves and delay progress so take that step now and go for that thing you desire to have so much without any more delays. If you fail to be assertive in your words or actions, you’d give room for others to push you around or force their opinions on you. Don’t allow that to happen to you. It shows a lack of self-confidence.

I leave you to ponder on this thought today – Assertiveness is a property of Self-Efficacy and that is a part of Self-Esteem.



Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2018 by Simple Dimple.  All Rights Reserved.

4 thoughts on “Dilly-Dallying…!

      1. It is a private goal, that i was all geared up for, but not sure now. I some health issue that leaves me with low energy and i need to speak to doctor, and that why i feel less capable for nov anyway lets see

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