Tuesday Photo Challenge – Surprise!

I was in for a huge surprise in July when I stumbled on Yellow Yams in a grocery store in New York. To say that I was surprised is an understatement. I stood at the store, making a big spectacle of my findings that morning.


Yam 6
*White Yam*


The drama became a beautiful delight to shoppers who watched as I photographed the staple food I knew from childhood.  My friend, who I accompanied to the store laughed heartily at the drama unfolding before her eyes. Haha.

Yam 4
*Unripe and ripe plantain*


Well, who would blame me? I love yam and the YELLOW YAM was actually the SURPRISE of the day.  So I felt a certain nostalgia within me as I looked intently in admiration. I occasionally find white yams in Denmark where I live, but never came across the yellow species.


Yam 5
*Yellow Yam – surprised to find my favourite yam in the US*


So, you can imagine the huge surprise I got to find my favourite yellow yam in the United States.   This is a scarce commodity in Denmark. And I have never seen yam displayed in such a big quantity in any store in Europe. They don’t come cheap either when you find them at all.

Yam 2
*White Yam*


Yams and Plantains are native to Africa and some other countries like Jamaica. These delicious foodies are common foods in Nigeria.

If I had a way, I would have bought the entire yellow yams in that store and return with them to Denmark. Haha.


PS: Click HERE  to read about a SURPRISE I got sometimes ago. 



My entry for Tuesday Photo Challenge – Surprise!





Frank – Dutch Goes The Photo




Peace and Love!

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