The American Dream!


I read a story this morning on Facebook about a Nigerian lady who left Nigeria for the United States through the Green Card Scheme. Prior to her Diaspora experience, she was a successful trader in Nigeria. However, her expectations of a beautiful America flowing with milk and honey were not met upon arrival.

She was shocked that there were no provisions of work by the US Government. She thought with the Green Card, the Government provides you housing and work upon arrival. But to her dismay, there was nothing of such. She ended up working in a fast food eatery for 3 years with a meager paycheck that was barely enough to sustain her.

She eventually told her unpalatable story of pain and hardship to a Nigerian family, she asked for help to renew her Nigerian Passport. She opted to return to Nigeria instead of the continuous misery she faced in the US. The man who was taken by her story decided to help her out. He gave her $2K dollars for Passport renewal and a further $3K to help her settle in Nigeria upon arrival since she insisted on returning home. Altogether, he raised $5K dollars for her within a brief period. She was believed to have returned to Nigeria. According to the man, he never heard from her again since the financial giving.

My comment on that post:  And I have added a few points here.

If the man never heard from her since she returned to Nigeria, I kinda doubt her sincerity. Did she ever return after getting that huge cash? Some people are scammers and capable of fabricating evocative stories that touch your humanity. Just so they would earn your compassion. I mean some people are capable of anything… And $5K dollars to her within that brief period…? Hmmn. I have my reservations with this story. Though I know we still have some few good Samaritans.

Personally, instead of giving anyone cash to return to Nigeria, I would suggest ways to up your game and adapt to the new culture, a change of job, acquire a new education since you have the permit to study as a citizen and other available options and means in which you can elevate yourself. When you start making money with hard work, (very possible) you can then decide to return home on your own.

Before migrating, she ought to have read the rules about the Green Card. It was never stated that the American Government will provide jobs for successful ones. The Green Card makes you legit to reside and work in the US. This is also applicable to other countries that indulge in Migrant Schemes that legitimately admit one into that Nation. The resident permit only allows you a smooth sail into the society because you become legit in that country upon arrival.

Can you see the gold handed you with a green card if you are lucky to get it? So many people are dying for such. Therefore, it’s your duty to plan ways to utilize the opportunities the Green Card offers you. And there are many if you shine your eyes very well. And if you are not a lazy person. Haba!

I live abroad and I know it’s not a walk in the park. No, it’s not bread and butter. Regardless, it’s far better than the gory news that emits from Nigeria. I know people who are doing excellently well abroad. It’s all about planning and how much you are willing to integrate into the new society and develop yourself too.

I advise anyone who wants to travel abroad to focus on the success stories. Don’t be deterred by the negative vibes from some areas. No one said that life was going to be easy anywhere. However, you can never compare abroad and Nigeria except if you are doing very well in Nigeria. Except if you have a meaningful livelihood. Biko, the difference is glaring and very clear. Moreover, if you are ready to work hard, listen to good advise from others, integrate into the new society, chances are that you will live a comfortable life overseas even if you end up doing the so-called menial jobs.

Yes, I said menial jobs. Most of these menial jobs are legal jobs. Those jobs have helped train University graduates in Nigeria. Those jobs have build houses in Nigeria. Those jobs are what most people abroad offer you when you seek assistance from them. They send you money to alleviate your suffering, pay your bills in Nigeria with menial job money. And those jobs you call menial jobs has been saving families in Nigeria since “1840”.

At least, I enjoy light 24/7 and that’s enough bliss to remain abroad. I enjoy good health care. I enjoy a serene environment and I can walk freely in Denmark without thinking of Robbers or Kidnappers besides other grievous experiences one faces in Nigeria.


Thank you for reading.


PS: This post was written for my Facebook audience and I have posted it here to document it.



Peace and Love!

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6 thoughts on “The American Dream!

  1. Freedom, milk and honey isn’t handed to us. We WORK for it, relentlessly, grateful for any sacrifice that may be involved to live in liberty. My parents fled Fidel Castro’s hell in 1970, left the comfort of familiarity behind in order to raise their only daughter in a free country. They, along with all Cubans who fled for their lives, never came with an open hand but two hands tightly gripped to whatever tool it took to plow this land of milk and honey. It’s disgusting to see what some immigrants DEMAND from this country these days. Imagine if I showed up in your home running from danger or lack and sat on your couch demanding that you feed me, dress me, further educate me, and give me give me give me, AND while I’m at it curse you and cuss you and spit on everything you and your name stood for. America the beautiful is not the home of cowards but of the BRAVE, and freedom is not free.

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing this truth and inspiring feedback. I wish people will understand that money does not grow on trees neither can it be picked on the streets. Life requires a good amount of handwork, vision and a level of intelligence to scale through it successfully. Have a great week ahead. 🙂


  2. So true!! Minial jobs are a BLESSING! My husband began his work life at Dairy Queen, worked in a factory, and worked night shift at another store while in college and medical school. He never once felt he was better than ANY of the hard working full time employees that worked those jobs for their life occupation! But sadly, they did! They judged him. Some were nice, but some treated him with prejudice because he was a “college kid”; life handed to him.
    Not so.
    We lived in dives along our college journey. Raised our two terrific kids and we both worked. It was HARD WORK. Yet, we never once held prejudice towards those we worked along side with! (I also worked different jobs while in school and raising our two kiddos)..
    There truly is no such thing as a menial job. Every human being contributed to the needs of others– that makes every service job IMPORTANT!
    God bless you dear friend.
    Thank you for your post!
    Loving your pics too!

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    1. Wow! Thank you so much for providing this inspiring feedback. I tell people that there’s nothing like menial jobs if it’s legal and puts food on one’s table.

      I appreciate this contribution. Thank you for sharing. Have a great week. 👌😍🙏🏽


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