A Bowl Of Chipotle…!


The first time I tasted this Mexican food, I loved it instantly. My friend had taken me to the Chipotle Mexican Grill somewhere in Dallas, Texas.

“I think you will like the food. It’s quite healthy so you don’t have to worry about the health implications.” She said.




A curious me who loves adventure jumped at the offer without thinking.  And We placed our orders.  We found a good corner in the restaurant and settled to eat our food.


Mex 2


And just one scoop into my mouth, I got hooked to the sumptuous delicacy of rice, chopped meat/chicken, cheese, softritas, and assorted veggies, all served together in a Burrito bowl.

And if you want a little extra, you can add guacamole too. However, I enjoy mine without guacamole.


Mex 3


As a matter of fact, whenever I am vacationing in the USA, this food comes handy when I am hungry away from home.  And I eat it with so much relish.

Awww… There is so much goodness packed into a bowl of chipotle and it’s satisfying as well as affordable. 


I love eating Chipotle.

Have you eaten chipotle? Did you enjoy it?


Peace and Love!

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7 thoughts on “A Bowl Of Chipotle…!

  1. Chipotle is delicious! I have to request for no cheese since it triggers my asthma. Adding guacamole is another new level of deliciousness 💯😂

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