Embrace Acts Of Love!


In death, like most people will attest, we find grief at its ultimate depth. However, we remain soothed by our indelible memories and the abiding faith that our loved ones are resting in solace with the angels in heaven.

The enduring challenge, therefore, is for us humans to more consistently channel rivers of kindness, and extend our love, care and compassion to our families, friends, neighbourhoods, communities, and all humankind in the NOW when they can see, feel and appreciate the depth of these feelings as well as inhale the sweet fragrance of bouquets in this earthly domain.

The NOW is the best time to extend our love and affection, especially to our old folks and not to stage a world-class party or funeral for them when they are gone just to impress people and boost our bloated ego. (This pertains more to folks in Nigeria)  Having said that, think charity towards all for our days are numbered and we never know when, where or how.

When we look around us, we will surely find those in deep pain.  Showing love to these people can help reduce the burden they carry and ultimately prevent the idea of solitary escape. And, eventually the idea of suicide.  Humanity in us should always be brought to the fore during these moments. There are times I wonder the degree of hatred around the world, then I realize, we have a choice to express our emotions.

Love is natural, hate is learnt. 

It is therefore in our place to be intentional about sharing love with random people we come across daily. You may not know what they’re going through.  Everyone needs love. It should be demonstrated in truth and mostly to those who are hurting.

Words of encouragement spoken with love cannot be overemphasized. It has the capacity to restore hope and inspire people towards great achievements. Nothing beat motivation, support both morally and financially, kind words, subtle nudges etcetera. As humans, we need all these to help us heal and make tangible progress in life.

As a matter of fact, the person spreading love is a greater beneficiary. This year, resolve to rejoice with those rejoicing and to mourn with those mourning. Erase your nonchalant attitude and indifference towards the plight of others.

It feels good to love. I made a resolution to call at least two people every day for nothing related to business talks.  Just to check up on them. This is one of my goals for the year and I figured out it will be an amazing experience and a way to affect humanity positively this 2019.

If only we know what others are going through even as they smile at us, we’d hold them tightly and hug them and plaster them with kisses. In other words, we’d shower them with LOVE.   Our acts of charity should be a lifestyle and done effortlessly, without waiting for a debilitating condition to act.

If we think deeply, we all would be able to see clearly that “we are here for all of us” and the best we can do is to be “there for all of us”.  We haven’t loved us enough, not at all. So why then do we transit to hatred?  Let’s keep spreading sincere love, it makes a big difference.

There is the need to jettison this idea of jungle justice, intense resentment, extreme emotional dislike that erupts into deep hatred. It is highly disturbing at the rate humans have so degenerated into animals without any atom of respect for human dignity and compassion. Indeed, things have taken a turn for the worse in our clime. The recent acts of evil and jungle justice bring to fore the extent of the decay in human empathy and compassion.

Talking about dignity and respect, how about we follow the “golden rule” of treating others the way we want to be treated.

It is good to enable love, kindness and compassion into our consciousness until it becomes a lifestyle.  I will conclude this piece by stating thus:

Loving is life. 

The living spreads this love. 

And LOVE makes life beautiful.



Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2019 by Simple Dimple.  All Rights Reserved.


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