Myriads Of Thoughts!


As humans, there are times our thoughts travel far and wide. Our inner peace is besieged by life’s exigencies. No matter how hard we try to erase some memories, they keep coming back to us.

I’ve had moments when I’m in that solitary place and I keep wondering about life. Life happens and things get out of hand. Life happens and joy turns to sadness. Life happens and you feel betrayed by the person/people you trusted so much. Life happens and a once beautiful relationship crumbles. It’s such an unpredictable world.

Many thoughts flood my inner space sometimes, and I think about all the people in this world. The good, the bad and the ugly incidences we experience. I think about the rich and the poor, the young and the old; the married and the single folks and what goes on in the minds of others. I think about relationships, the thrills and frills. And I think about the relationships that go awry despite the hopes of bliss at the beginning. And I wonder what went wrong and why the centre could no longer hold. And I wonder about humans and their inadequacies.

I wonder about people who live in abject poverty and how they feel within them. I wonder about the rich and how they feel seeing so much poverty around them. I wonder about the widow who has several mouths to feed but no appreciable means of income. I wonder about the poor kid who drops out of school for lack of funding. I wonder about some fragile old folks who have no one to help them and they lament daily for lack of proper care. And I wonder about those people who wake up each day with tears cascading down their brows because of the many challenges they pass through. And I wonder about the many assurances that become hopeless.

I wonder about the dreams that never see the light of the day for one reason or another. I wonder about promises that were never kept. I wonder about marriage vows that were broken soon after the honeymoon. I wonder about the alarming rate of divorce and what this means to the world. I wonder about the many cases of rape, spousal murder and all kinds of ugly incidences. I wonder about those who perpetrate evil and harm others without flinching. And I wonder what goes through their minds during such obnoxious acts of wickedness.

I wonder about the dreams that die prematurely and the aspirations that never have an opportunity to blossom. I wonder about situations that seem hopeless. I wonder about all manner of things that erupts and shatters our once beautiful lives. I wonder about life in all her entirety.

And all I can do during such moments is to pray and ask God to have mercy on us all. And I pray for the strength to surmount problems as they arise. I pray for calm and peace in the world. For life is never a bed of roses. It has thorns and thistles. And we never know how the tables will turn. We just never know what the days will bring as we wake up each day.

Life happens. Life is full of strange incidences. Life is not always pretty. It has holes and ugly patches in it. And as humans, we can only pray that life turns out well for us.


Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2019 by Simple Dimple.  All Rights Reserved.


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