Happy International Women’s Day!

Today’s woman is no longer crawling. She is walking and quite boldly too with so much confidence.

Though she is faced with many hurdles and challenges, she is going to crush those too and any other seeming obstacle that would want to derail her visions.

Today’s woman is strong, capable, resilient, stoic, confident and ever determined to be the best in the world.

Don’t dare press the button to stop her because she’s grown beyond intimidation or threats. She is fearless and bold.

She is beautiful.

She is a woman.

And the world celebrates her today.

This is to all women who are playing varied roles of daughter, mother, wife & sister.

This is to all the amazing women on this platform who inspire and motivate me with their success stories.

You are bold and beautiful.
You are considerate and compassionate
You are kind, loving and affectionate
You are awesome
You are survivors
You are phenomenal
You are achievers
You are filled with love
You are blessed
You are mothers
You are wives
You are daughters
You are sisters
You carry the world
You are a woman
You are Balanced for Better.

Cheers to Womanhood!



Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2019 by Simple Dimple.  All Rights Reserved.

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