The Woman And Envy!


I am not shocked. I am not surprised either. I am just at a complete loss for words on some of the things I come across on Facebook. My eyes see all kinds even though I ignore them. However, the mind sometimes wanders away to think about trending disparaging and offensive write-ups.

It is true that humanity is filled with all kinds of people. But, I can’t understand the rationale in spreading gossips about others especially maliciously. Why do people feel threatened by other people’s success and resolve to hate instead of love? Really, I’m unable to grasp why some people enjoy pulling others down.

A majority are full of bile and bitterness, so they transfer such ugly venoms to others in their daily interactions. Without a doubt, Social Media has become a haven of fripperies, who gather to hurl vitriolic missiles on others, throwing obscenities to the wind. Gosh! How can people display so much rancour? Aren’t these vituperative attacks uncalled for?

Certainly, these acts of sabotage and deep-rooted hatred emanate from the pit of hell. Envy and jealousy have destroyed the hearts of many people. Words are being twisted to suit their lies. People’s posts are misconstrued and remoulded by others to give it a new evil meaning.

And I ask again, why are people despicably wicked and dangerously evil, biko nu? This applies to both the online and offline world. There are too many gossips and a million amebos (gossips) parading the whole place, searching for whom to use as mince-meat in their evil covens and groups.

I pray we are delivered from these enemies who are clogs in the wheel of progress. Yet, they are the first to gather in any religious meetings with the loudest hallelujah oozing out from their wide occultic mouths.

Women call themselves sisters, but, they assassinate one another for flimsy reasons.

Women call themselves sisters, yet cannot edify or uplift each other.

Women call themselves friends and sisters, yet, are the ones to use these friends for ritualistic voodoos.

This evil act of women shaming women and friends sabotaging friends should stop. Let’s stand up to empower and support one another. Enough is enough. Let’s put a stop to all these bitterness that takes us backwards individually and even as a nation.

Shouldn’t we be pressing for progress in life?

Shouldn’t we jettison evil and live in harmony?

Shouldn’t we show love instead of hate?

Shouldn’t we?

Embrace love for humanity and curb this menace spreading like wildfire. More than ever before, there is a clarion call by the United Nations for all of us to begin to press for progress, to change for better, motivating and uniting one another for a saner world.


PS:  I posted this piece on Facebook a while back during conflicts involving a group of ladies who were friends. When the centre could no longer hold, they turned to Social Media to spread their dirty linens.  It was saddening!


Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2019 by Simple Dimple.  All Rights Reserved.

8 thoughts on “The Woman And Envy!

  1. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It is literally vile out there, to the point where I don’t even feel comfortable putting my profile picture up anymore. But even so, just the fact that I write TRUTH, regardless of how storybook-like I write it, the attacks are vicious …sadly, mainly from “believers”. Condemnation left and write. Have believers forgotten that we are NOTHING but rags apart from Christ? The word “kindness” is being tossed around in judgment as daggers. If you are truly kind, you don’t write to others hinting at how they fall short. If you are truly humble, you don’t write about how humble you are. It’s sad, and as you can see from my lengthy comment, I am up to my neck with this. I cry myself sick some days due to the grieving of the Spirit. Sometimes I can barely breathe online. I have eliminated all other social media and the one platform I am trying to hold on to because I love sharing creativity is blogging, but it’s still bordering on a very fine line. Thank you again. We’re not alone.


    1. I feel your words. And yeah, this is not peculiar to you alone. It is the negative side of Social Media. But may God enable us to quit these negative vices and characteristics even as we show more love to humanity. Thank you for sharing your story. Blessings.


  2. In response to your questions at the end, on shouldn’t we. Yes, we should, but sadly not all who say “Lord, Lord” are His. I pray reverential fear floods the body of Christ like never before. May we never forget that it is written that He will one day say to those who thought they were His , ‘I never knew you.’

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    1. And I say a resounding AMEN. Indeed, may we all be reminded of this even as we change our focus to build rather than to destroy. Thank you for a great feedback. May the good Lord hear and answer our prayers. 🙂


  3. Well written! I agree that social media is sometimes misused by different individuals. A hostile attitude is fed by the instant gratification that a bully feels without any face-to-face contact with the victims.

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