Did You Know?

The most important journey you will take in your life will usually be the one of self-transformation. Often, this is the scariest because it requires the greatest changes, in your life. – Shannon L. Alder

And Shannon was right and I agree to his above assertion. I believe that for transformation to be truly effective, everything about us changes, nothing remains the same.

By this law of change, we must reinvent ourselves to adjust accordingly.

Any major shift in your life forces you to think and do things differently. Reinventing yourself means completely overhauling what you believe and how you feel about all aspects of your life.

We must accept the new phase and leave behind old habits and everything that puts our life in slow motion.

The good news about this new beginning is that it starts the moment you decide to move forward in life.

It starts the moment you decide to be intentional with your life. 
It starts when you press the change button.

Change becomes effective when you begin the process.

And there’s no better time to transform your life than right NOW!

I am in that process now.  Rethinking the unlived life, and reimagining self-actualization. No doubt, transformational change is lifelong and change is ever constant.

With that being said, I’m overhauling my thinking process, a mindset shift. Restructuring the acceptable norms. Believing in the impossible. Seeing life from another perspective. Questioning the status-quo.  Trying out new ideologies and methods.

And reflecting that perhaps, there could be another way to doing things differently.

Peace and Love!

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