It Takes A Gradual Step!

Do you know that milestones are a summation of small incremental achievements?
Do you know that naturally, successes and achievements take time to accumulate?
Do you know that you have to take it one step at a time?
And do you possibly know that it requires a great deal of discipline?
And that it takes consistency, a persistent attitude and unflinching determination?
And that it requires practice and a lot of patience?
And a proactive and practical attitude?

And yes folks…

Making a milestone in life, huge success, giant breakthroughs, great feats and realization of goals are the summation of small incremental achievements.

An accumulation of days of hard work towards the goal.
An accumulation of sleepless nights and strategic decisions.
An accumulation of an undaunted and dogged attitude towards your dreams despite daunting challenges.

These milestones will naturally take some time to accumulate.

Hence you are required to stay the course.
Hence you are required to be diligent.
Hence you have to wait for it to happen.

And yes!

It takes a whole lot of patience before things start to fall into place and into their right perspectives.

So, allow yourself the time to achieve. No big success happens overnight. Sometimes it will take all of your willpower, and in some cases, a near breaking point to be able to make that breakthrough and achieve that milestone.

Success will happen as you gradually take the steps and march to your greatness.

Be inspired!


Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2019 by Simple dimple.  All Rights Reserved.

2 thoughts on “It Takes A Gradual Step!

  1. All that you have written is very true. During my life of 63 years, many milestones come to mind. Each took time, diligence, work, perseverance, and much more. Ultimately, I was blessed with a long and fruitful teaching career before retiring. Now my writing fills up my bucket.

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