Good Morning World.


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Now, I’m looking at this post again and reflecting on my personal life. People remember the bad stuff you did to them more than the good.

They forget too quickly when you supported them all the way in their time of need. They forget too quickly the times you had sleepless nights because you were up thinking of ways to solve their problems. They forget too quickly how you were that angel that saved them from a bad situation.

They forget too quickly those good times.

And now, just one little misstep, and now, just one little misdeed, just because you couldn’t help them anymore, just because you said no to them, just because you said enough is enough, they sell you to the world, literally.

They are quick to imprint ‘bad’ to your name.  They forget the good old times when you picked them up and held their hands.

They forget that you were once the Angel in their lives.

Humans forget too quickly the good things you did for them.


Do you have a personal experience you’d like to share?


Peace and Love!

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15 thoughts on “Good Morning World.

  1. This is true especially with social media. The worst offender is Facebook. Put out positive. Get back negative. However WordPress is picking up the pace with stalkers and flamers. Online bullies have gotten so bad that I’m considering deleting my WordPress account. Sometimes I remove Comments. People jealous of ones Progress and positive outlook on life do their best to destroy ones Blog. However one day I will go off Grid permanently.

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    1. Ouch… Could it be that terrible that you contemplate deleting your blog? Oh, no. Don’t succumb to this negative vibes. Don’t give up. It’s a plot to get at people. Don’t allow it. ❤🌷


      1. When I turned 60 in February I made a vow for peace. My goal is to stay away from arguments, fights and strife. Sometimes it’s better to walk away than to keep going. Peace of mind is more important. I have nothing to prove to anyone. I made the decision to stop dealing with online bullying. If my Blog disappeared in the greater context it would mean nothing and it would not be missed. I would rather be in a tranquil Place.

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      2. Yes. Peace of mind is my priority. I have posted some articles regarding Autism Activism because it will benefit my brother Stephen Group Home.

        However as a Baby Boomer I pass the mantle to the young folks like yourself who are better equipped to take on the online nuts and crazies.

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      3. Ouch… Well, it’s your decision. And indeed the archives will serve posterity. You’ve done well to leave a good mark with your great blog posts. Sometimes, we just need peace and quiet. Sending you a big e-hug. 🤗🤗❤🌷


  2. I have gotten rid of allt he toxic people, and the ones that act like this that I can’t simply stop talking to I am trying to set healthy boundries. People who forget the good things so fast are usually negative people (in my experience).

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  3. When I was coaching high school sports many years ago, everything was “joy” as long as we were winning. However, people could quickly forget the past success when a series of defeats arrived at our doorstep. A person needs to remain humble when the times are good, but remain patient when the tables are turned. In athletics, some of the most significant moments come when facing adversity.

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    1. Haha. Indeed, sports is a good example here. I remember anytime the Nigeria Super Eagles Football team win their International matches, people eulogise them and shower praises. But, any defeat attracts serious bashing and condemnation. It’s human nature so to speak. Lol.

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      1. So true! Football (or soccer as we call it here in America) carries a great deal of national pride. I find it disturbing to witness parents of young athletes taking their passion too far in a negative way.

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