Are You Provoked To React?


Let me start by saying that some people are perpetually provocative. And when you are around such people, their state of ‘misery’ always steal away your joy and peace.

I have seen people provoked for no reason. Yeah. This is common in relationships. There are times couples are quagmired by provocative statements. And reacting without thinking, responding in a pervasive manner always lead nowhere pleasant but in alienation and instant emotional divorce.

Recently, a friend of mine got into a big ‘fight’ with another friend. Two friends began to unleash disparaging words that hurt deeply. Aha! They cussed, they spewed trash, they felt good to disparage each other. They used angry remarks on themselves. And both felt insulted by the other.

What happened afterwards? Their ego was badly damaged at the end. And trust flew out of the window.

Why would I allow myself to engage in such confrontations?

Why would I let in such drama into my life?

How do I avoid such irksome moments?

It is a dilemma when faced in this situation. Often times provocation comes out of nowhere and leaves us wondering how it all started.

How did we get to this? You’d often query.

However, what do you do during such situations? Do you fight back word for word?

Or what?  Do you just walk away and let peace reign?

Hmmn, tough to be sane, right?

Well, could you just try and stay quiet, yes, calm down.

Subdue your reaction when provoked to the point of boiling anger? Can you try this antidote to quell confrontation?

I know human nature wants to exhibit that other ‘bad’ side of them to prove that they cannot take any rubbish from anyone. To prove that they can talk and scream and retaliate when pushed to the wall.

But then, common sense should prevail. What will you gain?

And in the end, no one gets an award for displaying insanity. No one gets an award for acting foolishly and spewing words they can’t retract.

So, what’s the outcome?

Regrets follow, isn’t it?

God help us to receive sense at such times.

Oh yes, it takes some good sense to understand that calm and restraint are needed to forestall acting foolishly, emitting words that kill, literally and acting ingloriously during moments when we are stirred to vexation.

I am trying too to caution myself at such periods not to react angrily. Not to rub my reputation in the mud and act violently.

So I think it is a better idea to appear ignorant or perhaps foolish. However, people can call you foolish for not responding to provocation but in actual fact, you are being wise.

Playing the fool sometimes isn’t cowardice but wisdom. So let them call you foolish.

It takes the wise to act foolishly for the sake of peace and regretful outcomes. It takes the wise to know when to react and when to take caution not to ruin their reputation in life.

Always ask yourself pertinent questions when pushed to anger. Where will this lead to if I respond in an ill manner?

Could you have handled your feelings and thoughts in a better way?

It is important to adopt strategies to defuse provocative situations. And by trying to distance oneself the moment you sense an explosive situation.

Sometimes, it pays to pretend to be a fly on the wall. Simply watch what is going on and walk away.

Let common sense prevail.


Peace and Love!

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10 thoughts on “Are You Provoked To React?

  1. Great post 👌 very thought provoking. I guess it sucks to be caught in the middle, trying to strike a balance between keeping the peace and not being trampled on/looked down upon. Some people in life know exactly how to push your buttons and get you to that point of boiling anger. We all know that we as humans spit the most poisonous venom in moments of anger and in the process break down relationships, causing irreparable harm. Keeping silent when provoked takes a special kind of person, with wisdom,foresight and patience. Our pride often prevents us from resolving matters

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well summarized and quite on point. Human nature wants to explode when provoked but a man of wisdom knows best not to respond to the spur of the moment in vexation. And like you mentioned, it takes some special senses to reason logically at such times.

      Many thanks for an inspiring feedback. I appreciate. 🙏🏽❤

      Liked by 1 person

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