Spread Good Vibes!


I was on the train and keenly watched someone take a selfie. She was busy making different facial expressions as she clicks the camera on her phone. I was enjoying the whole drama with this beautiful selfie-taker. Ah. Ndi selfie addicts! The mass hysteria for selfies shows it’s loved by many people. Until recently, I was not fascinated by selfies. I don’t even remember my phone camera. But all that has changed, now.

The lady was so engrossed with her ‘selfies’ that she didn’t notice my keen interest or perhaps, she didn’t care a hoot who was watching neither was she embarrassed that she was doing all of that in a public place. On the train.

You know that act of taking selfies and trying different postures. Yeah, you know it right, ‘cos you are also ‘guilty’ as a selfie-taker. Lol. For some people, taking selfies is the most fulfilling activity they engage in daily. They are the core victims of this selfie hysteria.

Well, you know how it is with selfies, turning your chin (face) this way and then that way and then adjusting yet again before clicking. What next? You look at the picture and examine it for some seconds to know if you liked it and could make it public on Facebook, yes, I said on Facebook or isn’t it where you post all those photos? Oh! Social Media! Okay, there is Instagram too. Haha! Not satisfied with the result, you begin the process all over again, turning your head this way and smiling that way and how I digressed!

So, back in the train and the unfolding ‘entertainment drama’, the lady tried different poses and smiled both in admiration and satisfaction. Interrupted by the announcement of the next station, I disembarked from the train. As I turned on the subway platform, I saw her. The beautiful ‘selfie’ lady. I was happy to see her but not surprised. We literally didn’t plan this but life happens.

I magnetically walked towards her and said a polite hello. She smiled at me, a bit startled though while trying to fix her gaze on me.

“We were in the train together,” I said.

“And I could see you love photos”.

“Hope the selfies turned out stunning ‘cos you are really beautiful”.

“Yes, you are beautiful and I am not exaggerating here”.

Oh dear, you needed to see the look on her face. Not a worried look, but a deeply surprised look. But one thing was obvious – we were both affected by those words I uttered. We were affected by the power of those pleasant words coming from a ‘stranger’. Yet, it was a life-giving truth said with all sincerity.

Her countenance changed as if she wanted to cry. Perhaps, because it was a rarity so to speak. Perhaps, no one has told her she looked beautiful. I got a bit emotional too and how I managed to pull that string. But hey, that’s simply me in my elements, acknowledging things and giving credit to people as I deem fit. Simply me as I make my daily overtures in life.

The young lady looked at me as if to say that I was the most sensitive person in the world. She smiled sweetly and uttered a “thank you, I appreciate your kind remarks”. She stretched out her hands for a handshake and we ended up in a warm embrace. A hug. I replied with a “you’re welcome, have a great day”. She giggled and her face brightened up with the scenario that just played out.

And I turned to the right exit at the platform to continue my journey.

And now, to you reading this piece, I want to tell you that you are beautiful. Yes, you are awesome. You are unique in your own special way.

And if taking selfies makes you happy, then go ahead and take good selfies. Go ahead and showcase your act, your skills and your talents. The world is watching your every act so ensure you put up your best act at all times.

Today, tomorrow and always, go out there in the world and spread good vibes. Do good deeds and leave good impressions wherever you go. Compliment people. Put a smile on someone’s face.

Be the reason someone didn’t give up on themselves.

Cheers to a beautiful week. 


PS:  This is a repost with some modifications.


Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2019 by Simple dimple.  All Rights Reserved.

12 thoughts on “Spread Good Vibes!

  1. that’s a great idea….you can win more people just by being your happy self…..and not dwelling on the negative…..but just go ahead and have fun right in front of them. (Great way to get the guys to notice you too.)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Lol @ the guys… It’s a great attitude towards life if one can live it. It does endear people to you. But not everyone is open minded and receptive of compliments or friendly overtures. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Have a wonderful week. 🙏🏽😊🌷


    1. It’s nice to know you share same sentiments. It’s good to indulge in these human gestures sometimes. You never know what starting up a conversation can even lead to. I love to do this when I’ve a few minutes to spare. ❤🌷


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