Random Facts About Me & My Beliefs!


I have written some random facts about me in the past. But it’s an inexhaustible list. So here are some more facts to nibble on today.

I am of the school of thought that anything worth doing is worth doing well with a laugh and a smile. I try to approach life and people with that in mind.  When I take stock of my life, I realised a long time that the best thing I can be is kind. Thus, I’m proud of my commitment to kindness. And these days, I do kindness with my common sense unlike before.

I believe that life is made up of a series of adventures and misadventures. The good times will come when we enjoy. And the bad times will come when we become sorrowful. And we do not have control over these happenings. It’s just the universe at work. And you just have to be willing to risk a little to gain a rapturous experience through life.

I have a particular lifestyle that is uniquely me. I am my own person and don’t follow existing norms in all cases. I have a shift in priorities in a profound way that only a few within my family circle and close associates understands. And I can only say that my spirituality helps reinforces that lifestyle.

The first thing people usually notice about me is my optimistic personality, closely followed by my eyes and smile.  Making the most of circumstances is the best tool we have in this life, so I don’t dwell on the negatives. Yes, I am stubbornly optimistic about life, believe in true and enduring love and damn passionate about humanity. My tastes are quite simple, I am easily satisfied with the best.

Growing up, I was hugely complimented about my eyes but I really never saw anything distinct about the damn eyes. Well, that gives credence to the saying that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.  However, I think that my smile brightens my eyes when I laugh.  And one thing I know that I carry with me everywhere I go is my dimpled smile. That was what gave rise to my blog name. “Simple Dimple”.

I feel proud of myself when I complete a task or project within a reasonable time frame. And I feel annoyed at myself when I say “Yes!” to too many commitments and over-schedule myself with errands and projects.  The same annoying trait shows up when I feel that I have given way too much to some people who flaunt their ingratitude unashamedly to my face. The human in me feels used and abused… like I feel duped. LOL.

I believe that no matter how highly placed a woman is, the kitchen should form one of her best corners of the house. And she should churn out delectable delicacies from that place and treat her family to incredible dishes from time to time.

I’ve formed a deep and enduring bond with my close friends and those I call family who may not necessarily be from my blood tie. Those are my family of choice who I’ve added to my life as our paths cross and I find them lovable. I feel obligated to communicate with them and check up on them always. Hence, my frequent goodwill text messages to them.

I have a lot of natural curiosity about life and how the world works. With this curiosity about the world, I immerse myself in other cultures, cuisines, and people. Thus, this act eliminates any cultural gap.  I watch TED talks and wish I could also give an eloquent talk that will move my audience. I enjoy my solitary moments and spends time pondering on the mysteries of this world.

I’ve travelled to major European countries and to a number of States in the United States and I enjoy the cultural immersion that it offers. Travelling has led me to knowledge. And knowledge has led me to discern between truth and fact. And discernment has led me to understand that we humans have a lot to learn. And the more we think we’ve learnt, the more it becomes obvious that we’ve learnt only a little fraction about the world we live in.

Modesty is one of my greatest attributes and like I said earlier, my religion is kindness. Loyalty and duty are equally important to me, and will always be there for the ones I love.  Experience has taught me a lot, but nothing more important than how imperative open and honest communication is to any relationship whatsoever.

I am capable of crying at a movie or the news when it touches my emotional senses though I choose those moments carefully. Yes, my emotional valve is very active and betrays me occasionally.

I try to keep up with current events and international affairs. My political leaning is liberal. You will hear no lecture or judgemental sentiments from me about politics and religion in public gatherings as I term those two as explosives. Though, I duly listen to other viewpoints with respect.

I believe that the cleaner is as important as the Chief Executive Officer.  And that no job is ignoble.  Everyone who works is important and adds value to the world. Any legal job that pays the bill is good and must be respected.

I am passionate about nature hence I have come to admire nature photography. I believe that Art is visible everywhere in nature. And that if you take the time to look closer,  You’d find beautiful arts in the graffiti paintings littered around the spaces.

My sense of humour is dry but witty and those who know me well always know when I’m being sarcastic and on my playful elements.

To me, one of life’s simple pleasures is cooking a good meal and enjoying it with a nice bottle of wine, and then putting on a movie or listening to music for relaxation.

My passion is to wake up every day and give a little more and be a little better than I was the day before. And be the reason someone laughed and the reason another didn’t give up on themselves.

I have a commitment to my word because it is my bond. You can take these to the bank. LOL.

And most importantly, I believe in Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit. 🙂



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Thank you for reading. 



Peace and Love!   

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4 thoughts on “Random Facts About Me & My Beliefs!

  1. I have enjoyed reading your positive and open post. I share the outlook
    on life with you and find that a positive mind and a smile work miracles.
    Thank you for sharing so much of interest.

    Liked by 1 person

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