Good Morning World!


This last weekend, I was scavenging some old files and dairies as well as old emails from when I first got a Yahoo mail account.

Guess what I found?

I ran through some very old email exchanges with friends from as far back as 2004.

I tell you, there were all kinds of exchanges. Some cringe-worthy stuff in there.  Some are wonderful and lovely birthday greetings. Some were simply letters. And some were internet birthday greeting cards.

Just all sorts of writings that your thoughts can imagine. LOL.

I scanned through some of them and tried to remember those friends. Time and seasons change just like the seasons of the weather.

How ironic it is, though, how close I was to those people and after more than a decade, life leads us on to totally different paths.

We all move away from one another into the paths where our destinies lead. And just naturally, we lose touch. We stop all forms of communications. I think it just happens.  Life happens and we leave a place for another. Unplanned, all forms of conversations cease.

However, I believe we’ve all been overwhelmed by the exigencies of life. And time passed too quickly.

I got into a reflective mode for a brief period as I reminisced on the friendship we shared at that time.

And with that thought, this morning, I am saying to you, treasure your friends now.

Treasure those who make out time for you.

Treasure your loved ones and those who make you happy.

Time goes by so fast and so does life.

And when this time elapses, sometimes those we have crossed path with go along with it.

Some friendships fizzle out.  Some People leave our lives. 

Some migrate to other places.

And some die. 

And they emerge in our memories when we stumble on things that we’ve shared in the past. Things that remind us about them.

Just like the reminders, I got from my old files and dairies. 


Here’s wishing you all a wonderful day. 


Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2019 by Simple Dimple.  All Rights Reserved.

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