Positive Vibes…!


So today someone complimented me.

Wait for it.

I said I was complimented. 

I got called pretty today.

Wait for it.

I said I was complimented. Haha.

Actually, the statement was:

“You are pretty annoying” Stella. 

Oh wow!

I looked at the person, almost getting offended. Then I changed that feeling.

And smiled instead.

What happened to me?

I heard my own very words minister “peace be still, Stella”.

My own preaching echoed back to me. And there was a shift in me.

My vibes always centre on a positive outlook towards life.

So I focused on the positive part of the statement.

I took the “Pretty”. And left the other part… LOL.

Simple. I told the person that I’ve taken the pretty and he should enjoy the ‘annoying’ part…  Whatever that means… LOL.

For me, it’s positive vibes all the way. 

I want a drama free life and don’t want any petty or savage talk to dampen my high spirits. So I made a small thing out of that scenario that played out this morning.

You too can do the same.

When someone tries to provoke you, take a deep breath before you react.

Stay positive, always.

Just try. 


Have a blessed day.



Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2019 by Simple Dimple.  All Rights Reserved.

13 thoughts on “Positive Vibes…!

    1. Well, I could feel insulted and retaliate. But over time, with experience, I realised that such drama is not worth it if I can prevent it. So I’ve learned to overlook certain offensive situations and turn them into mild jokes. And just move on. It’s no cowardice.


  1. You go girl!! That’s a great attitude to have. Who knows what that other person was thinking or going through to make that offensive comment. Curious to know what the response was when you said you will take the “pretty” but take out the “annoying.”

    I agree that living a drama-free life is good for me and for the people around me.


    1. Delighted to hear this. Thank you. I felt happy and didnt regret my subtle approach to the incident. And welcome back. I’ve been following your recent travel stories. Quite some rare and uniquely captivating photos you captured of your trip. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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