Your Nails And You!


I took a good look at my nails now and all I have to do is to use some colourful nail polish on them. Those finely manicured artificial nails are beautiful but they restrict me. I indulge in them when the need arises.

I took a decision a while back and I stopped doing all the acrylic and gel stuff because of the destruction of my nails. Hmmn, I don’t know about you, but my nails became weak and brittle. These artificials also leads to dystrophic nails and they look awful when taken off.

The only time I think of these glittering, blingy, beautiful but artificial nails is when there is a special occasion like a wedding; and if I have to travel to attend events or parties. Otherwise, let my nails remain as they are. Lol. Okay, I can make do with an overlay. 🙂

I also love the feel of my natural nails because I type with ease with fewer errors. But truth be told, those artificial nails look heavenly on a good day.

Hello ladies, what’s your experience like with artificial nails?

And guys, I know you like those beautiful well-manicured nails on ladies, right?


Peace and Love!

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4 thoughts on “Your Nails And You!

  1. I just can’t stand the feeling of artificial nails, but I used to ”paint” them myself for a long time… I have strong nails, and I can grow them long if I want to. I keep them natural now… I’ll pimp them if I have a special occasion, but in general, I like them just like they are. I don’t need the coquetterie 😉


  2. I have never tried the artificial nail as I think they look, artificial…I will from time to time paint my own nails. But I am happy with them just trimmed the same length and shaped nicely.


  3. I have only gone artificial once and I knew then that I would never do it again. I grow my nails, file them weekly and make sure it’s clean all the time. I can’t stand nails with dirt underneath them 😃


  4. I have only gotten my nails done a few times in my life. I liked them, but I prefer to do shilac, not sure how you spell it, its nail polish on your regular nails, it looks better than acrylic or gel…and its easier to maintain…


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