I Write It When I feel It.

A writer is an intellectual artist, just like musicians, or composers, no moment should be missed as the thoughts roll in.

To write something you have to risk making a fool of yourself. You have to be more daring and damn the consequences. You have to be confident and not worry about what people will say. Just ramble, rant, chatter, prattle and keep talking, oh yeah, I mean to keep writing. Continue reading “I Write It When I feel It.”

Writing Inspirations for New Bloggers!

Are you new in the WordPress Blogging Community?

Are you looking for a writing inspiration? 

Are you a Newbie blogger, an Expert or a budding blogger? Continue reading “Writing Inspirations for New Bloggers!”

The Daily Prompt – Ten!

Well, when I saw today’s prompt, I wondered what I should write about. I thought of writing about my friend’s daughter who clocked ten years today. I thought about writing my life story these last ten years i.e. from 2007 and the transformations and experiences thus far. But that will make for a long epistle so I declined. I thought about the ten dishes I really liked and have experienced since I migrated to Denmark but I also dumped the idea too. Continue reading “The Daily Prompt – Ten!”

Morning Musings!

Time has made me to understand the intricacies of life. That I have begun to find love and beauty in tiny details, in mundane places and even in insignificant platforms. From fine thin lines, horizontal and vertical to the food items displayed in shelves waiting to be purchased. Continue reading “Morning Musings!”

My Sincere Appreciation!

It was indeed a glorious and remarkable day yesterday when nature was in tune with my day and handed me a beautiful gift, with the sun presenting me with the most elegant weather on my birthday. Oh yes, the sun was ecstatic with me and blessed my day with a wonderful glow and fantastic shine. Continue reading “My Sincere Appreciation!”

The Daily Prompt – Apology!

I am here because I wanted to be here

I am here because I wanted to pen down my thoughts

I am here because you are here too reading this

I couldn’t be here without your support

I couldn’t be here without your show of love

For that I am most grateful Continue reading “The Daily Prompt – Apology!”

Three Day Quote Challenge – Day 2

It took me like forever to tackle this challenge but I am excited to be so honoured with the nominations. I’m taking all pending blogging awards and nominations one at a time starting with this challenge. Thank you all for your understanding.  Continue reading “Three Day Quote Challenge – Day 2”