The Daily Prompt – Crumb!

Stop watering at the mouth. Stop drooling. Stop salivating. Join the table. Seize a knife, gently cut through the crunchy bread I’ve set before us this afternoon. There are some bread-meat on the table, cheese, liver paste (Leverpøstej), tuna salad and much more. Eat and be merry. Life is already hard so don’t make it harder by starving yourself of food.

The job can wait a bit. Stop work now. It’s food time.  Haha.


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Sharing is Caring!

For my new followers and those who just joined my blog, this is my lifestyle.  My old blogger friends are already used to this feature.

Oh yes, I love to share whatever I can afford to share. Nevermind that this is virtual, join me and let’s savour these interesting drinks and snacks.  

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