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Love is in The Air!

Talking about love is talking about life.

What is life without love?
What is life without the special people in our lives?
No matter how much we deny it, love is very important. It is only when love hurts that we look back and declare that it is pain. Then we begin to prattle and ramble about it.
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The Daily Prompt – Festive!

It’s Christmas, a day of joy and celebrations by Christians all around the world. Yet so many people are sad and alone, in self-imposed prisons and are unable to join in the fun and celebrations. Continue reading

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

I hope you are in good spirit today and having a great time where ever you are. My Christmas wish for this community is that every one of us will have a much better opportunity in the coming year, starting with good health for everyone and a better blogging lifestyle.

It’s been a year of hardwork, good interactions, of fun, laughter and love. It’s also been a year of great upheaval both in the personal lives of some of us and the world at large.

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The Daily Prompt – Bounty!

On this crispy day
I awake, wrapped in
A familiar sweetness
As your magnetic scent
permeates the atmosphere
I could taste your presence
Your ever alluring aura
So very present on faces
As they transmit a
gesture of love
one to another, hand to hand
So unique, so intense and so very special
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