Happy Birthday To Me!

Wow! Another year has come!

To celebrate another Birthday
I am shouting it loud
It’s my birthday today
Yippee! I am so elated
So grateful to God
For His mercies and love
It’s my birthday today
I wonder what the future holds
I wonder how many more years
But I hope all goes well
And I pray the future brings good tidings
The years past has been filled with surprises
And memorable moments
Both good and bad
But such is the essence of life
So, I celebrate today
I celebrate a new milestone
Hoping for the best in the coming years
It’s my birthday today
Here’s to another year
And here’s to many more years
Happy Birthday to me





Peace and Love!

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The Month Of September!





The ninth month of the year
Bring me sweet feelings
Just like the warmth of the sun
September, my September
Heralds the season of fall 
When trees display the gamut of diverse colours
Enchanting in their pulsating colourful ensembles
Autumn, a conspicuous phase
Oh, My September, the month of transition

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Wordless Wednesday!

It’s mid-week! Yeah, it’s another Wednesday when pictures speak for themselves. Does this picture speak to you?


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Happy Birthday!



I know it’s someone’s birthday this month of August.

I know it’s someone’s birthday out there.

Are you the one?

Okay. I may not know your date.

Therefore, I am using this opportunity to wish my dear readers, our August born, a fabulously fun-filled birthday.

Make sure you stay grateful.

Make sure you all shake your body, even burst some bubbles, blow a candle or two and simply just enjoy your special day.


Life is worth celebrating.


Here’s wishing you all more blessings as you mark this new age.


Happy Happy Birthday from me to you.

Peace and Love!

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Double Celebration In Denmark!

Did you know that today is Constitution Day in Denmark?

Constitution Day known in Danish as Grundlovsdag, commemorates the anniversary of the signing of the Danish constitution of June 5, 1849, by Frederik the VII. This established Denmark as a constitutional monarchy. An amended constitution was updated and signed on June 5, 1953.

The day is a holiday for Danes. A day they all flock outdoors to enjoy with family and friends. There are series of events and activities spread across the country to mark this special day. One key activity for today is that the citizens listen to their favourite politicians as they give their speeches to mark the day. Politics is a big deal in Denmark, unlike many countries whose citizens are a little ambivalent about politics and their politicians.

To mark this special day, there will be fields of Danish flags flying all over the country.



Image may contain: one or more people, crowd and outdoor



Did you also know that on this day in Denmark, Father’s Day is also celebrated?

Oh yes, today is Father’s Day in Denmark, a tradition adopted by the Danish in 1935. But did you know that a PR failure in 1949 meant that it isn’t celebrated on the same day as the rest of Scandinavia?

So, today is a holiday in Denmark and the people are happily enjoying the cosy weather while engaging in the various events and activities across the Nation.

Who wouldn’t avail themselves the opportunity of this twin celebrations to have fun and enjoy the day?


PS: Culled from last year’s post.

Here is the link to the detailed post, last year – Denmark Constitution Day!


Peace and Love!

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