Devotional Nuggets – #48

Today, I will be brief and hope this post inspires someone out there not to give up on their dreams.

If you have been focused and trying hard without any signs of success, you may consider taking another approach or apply another technique and watch the difference. There are many paths that lead to the market so don’t use only one formula. Continue reading “Devotional Nuggets – #48”

Fear: A Limitation To Progress!

The fear of fear is the beginning of failure. Fear is a bad dream which festers bad thoughts and limits progress. Fear is a big enemy that is depriving many people from living a normal life – the fear that they will not succeed. The fear that they might fail themselves and their families. The fear that they are not good enough. Continue reading “Fear: A Limitation To Progress!”

Leave That Comfort Zone…

Thank God it’s Friday!  It is so refreshing to know that it’s weekend again!! Wow!!!

Another weekend is here so let’s take a deep breath and exhale all the pungent air around us.

nuggets 6 (2) Continue reading “Leave That Comfort Zone…”

Stop Talking – Take Action!

I woke up today to behold a new month

So July has zoomed past already?

What was I thinking?

I planned to start up with my lifelong dreams and goals

Really, I planned it for July

But July 2016 belongs to history now Continue reading “Stop Talking – Take Action!”