Weekly Photo Challenge – Morning!

Imagine your typical morning. You might picture your favorite coffee mug. A streak of sunlight coming through your bedroom window. Or the roosters in your backyard that sound off at 5 am.

Or how about a snapshot of a once-in-a-lifetime morning, like a panorama of snowy mountaintops you’ve taken during a trek in the Patagonian Andes? Or a photo from breakfast of a pastéis de nata, a delicious Portuguese egg tart pastry, while on holiday in Lisbon?    There are countless ways we can start our days. – Cheri Lucas Rowlands (WP)

*It’s a blessing to wake up to a new sunrise*

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Narrow!

This week, let’s keep things narrow (but not narrow-minded!): share a photo with your take on the theme. You could focus on a slender object, or shoot an image where your field of vision is restricted. Alleyways and half-open doors, seesaws and water slides, spaghetti and electric cords… the world is full of narrow things. – WP Continue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge – Narrow!”

Weekly Photo Challenge – Cherry On Top!

This week, share an image of a finishing touch from your own life. Maybe it’s a photo of the blooming rose bush that’s the centerpiece of your garden, or a shot of the sunset that was a perfect end to a wonderful day.  Show us the detail that made a good experience a truly transcendent one — let’s celebrate the cherries on top! Continue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge – Cherry On Top!”

Details – Weekly Photo Challenge!

For this week’s Photo Challenge, discover the intimate details of something unexpected, and share your images. Try to look past the big picture and take a more intimate approach. Zoom in on details in unexpected places –  it can be something from the natural world, or it can be human-made. – Jen Hooks Continue reading “Details – Weekly Photo Challenge!”

Pure – Weekly Photo Challenge!

“I love finding beauty in the mundane, and purity in the midst of our chaotic, over-connected world. For this week’s challenge, share a photo of something pure — it can be a person, an object, or a moment. “Pure” can convey wholesomeness, something undiluted, or simplicity – Jen H

DSC_0388 (2)
*Absolute wholesomeness and purity*

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