Devotional Nuggets – #80

What is that thing you are trusting God for?
What is that thing eating your heart away?
What is that thing that steals your joy?
What are you wishing for that you so need in your life?
Hey, tell it to HIM. Say that prayer one more time and trust that he is able.

Yes, HE is still in the business of listening to our supplications.
HE will hear you as you speak to HIM today.

Go on, talk to God again!

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Forgiving Fridays – #1

Just as a smile is infectious so also is a frown and hate. In essence, hate and evil are very contagious.

It is a known fact that the act of forgiveness is divine. True forgiveness is not easily achieved by humans. However, there is the need to understand that one of the keys to lasting happiness in life is by forgiving those who have wronged us. At one point or another, people err and hurt our feelings. Families, loved ones, friends stab us in the back in diverse ways and we begin to whine and hold grudges against them. Continue reading “Forgiving Fridays – #1”