Thank God it’s Saturday! Yeah!

It’s time to let out steam and have some fun. I love my weekends so I always look forward to it. And this weekend, I have decided to spend some quality time with the people around me, who love and appreciate me even with my imperfections and flaws.

Let’s share some moments of real togetherness this weekend.

Let’s sit and eat together with our family and loved ones.

Let’s hold hands and look deep into each other’s eyes.

Let’s feel the warmth of togetherness.

Let’s cuddle and hug each other.                    

Let’s visit that special friend.

Let’s unfold our innermost worries to that special someone.

Let’s say ‘I Love You’ to the love of our lives.

Let’s kiss away those pains and tears.

Let’s live and trust God more to lead the way.

Let’s take a walk in nature. This is one of my favourite activities. I love the times I take a long walk in nature and soak in the breeze of the day. It’s an exercise I love to waste my time in.  And I do it so effortlessly.  Though, the weather is very crappy these days, with snow flurries, yet, I still indulge myself in it. Because it has a way of relaxing my nerves as I inhale a breath of fresh air.

This is when I spend time with myself, away from the modern day distractions, away from digital slavery, social medias and the likes to connect with my spirit.

This is when I let my Laptop cool off a bit from the harsh strokes of a writer’s fingers. A time my reading eyes focus on the way forward. Ruminating on what was, what is now, and what will come tomorrow. While turning my head every now and then to watch nature. Or, pondering about this wonderful world filled with challenges. Or, admiring other people who share the same love to exercise tiring feets and tired bones.  

Real togetherness  is spending time, I mean ‘real time’ with people and those things that matter most to us. Digital connections might be a substitute to embrace, but it can never take the place of ‘real togetherness’.

Spend this weekend sharing meals, smiles and laughter with those awesome people in your life who make you feel happy. A way to go for a happy life. 

Have a fun weekend.



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