The Daily Prompt – Toothbrush!

Dear Future Husband,

There are some things I would like you to know before you contemplate having me as your future wife. I know that before I consent into this lifetime partnership with you, I would have loved you very deeply. Your presence would have made me quiver and my heart flutters just by hearing your voice. I would have considered you a friend, a lover and someone I wouldn’t want out of my sight. Continue reading “The Daily Prompt – Toothbrush!”

Golden Nuggets!

As I type this post, my cup of green tea with honey is staring at me warmly. Perhaps, wondering why my gaze is so fixed to my Laptop this snow blizzard Saturday morning. With a tight schedule and activities lined up in my face, I needed to accomplish my first task of the day. To fulfil my blogging obligation and post my daily musings.  Continue reading “Golden Nuggets!”