It’s Halloween…!


And it’s another Halloween!

Oh yes. It’s another October. Another fall season, when Halloween is celebrated in most countries of the world as more and more people are beginning to adopt the tradition.

So, it’s that period of the year again when people wear masks and dress in costumes that appear scary and spooky. Or simply sexy and fanciful outfits just so they can make a statement, all in the spirit of Halloween. Continue reading “It’s Halloween…!”

It’s The Month Of Halloween!

Look, what I found today at a friend’s place.

Oh, it’s Halloween!

It’s that period of the year when strange and spooky stuff adorns the shops and homes. Gosh! Sometimes it looks so creepy and deeply scary.  Continue reading “It’s The Month Of Halloween!”

The Daily Prompt – Cloaked!

Vampire Hooded Robes

In black or red 

Creepy clownish costumes

Spooky nights

Scary Halloween Cloaks

Unnerve my smiles

Throws me into a fright

Terrifies me to my bones


Make me shiver like a leaf



In response to The Daily Prompt – Cloaked.

Peace and Love!

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