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It’s World Poetry Day!

Today is an auspicious day. It’s World Poetry Day. The reason for today is to bring the power of poetry to the world. To encourage and promote the reading, writing, publishing and teaching of poetry throughout the world. Continue reading

My Dreams…!!!


I dream to wake up in the morning

With the sun peeping through the clouds

Injecting new life into my winter stunned world

I dream to soak myself in the sun for hours

With no stormy thoughts

But to visualise and feed my imaginations

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Resolutions And Promises…!

New Year Resolution?

Most people welcome every New Year by making resolutions or promises that are rarely achieved. A list of goals are written down with the expectation to carry out such goals. However, often times, these goals are discarded and never accomplished, simply because some of them are unrealistic. Continue reading

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

I hope you are in good spirit today and having a great time where ever you are. My Christmas wish for this community is that every one of us will have a much better opportunity in the coming year, starting with good health for everyone and a better blogging lifestyle.

It’s been a year of hardwork, good interactions, of fun, laughter and love. It’s also been a year of great upheaval both in the personal lives of some of us and the world at large.

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