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March On To New Possibilities…

Backward Never, Forward Ever! This is a cliché but so true. You can never take back the hands of time. Time is progressive. Time is always on the move, non-renewable. The time is ticking away – tick tock, tick tock. Day turns into night, the sun rises and sets, people are born daily just as cases of death echoes every day. There is no end to time but there is an end to life. Continue reading

Good Morning Giggles!

Hello Friends,

It’s weekend once again, let’s have a good start to it and stay giggling, smiling and happy. Be a part of the fun-train this weekend on WP:  Be a participant and not just an observer.   Continue reading

5 Simple Mindsets …!

5 Simple Mindsets Powerful Enough to Assure Your Success!!!

Unless we choose to be great, we will be mediocre at best. What does it take to be great? It takes an empowered mindset based in simple principles. Success doesn’t have to be horribly complicated. Anything that is too complicated mentally tends to be too overwhelming to adopt into our daily lives, so much so, that we end up giving up and continuing to underachieve. Continue reading