A Bottle Of Wine & A Cup Of Tea!


A few weeks after I arrived Denmark
I found myself in a new society with an entirely new culture
Every waking day, I try to grasp a bit of the whole new environment
And just then, my new friend and housemate
A PhD researcher introduced me to her Danish supervisor
During dinner, she hosted at our student hostel
Her supervisor came with his lovely wife
And we all chatted while eating the assorted dishes
Prepared by my amiable friend. Continue reading “A Bottle Of Wine & A Cup Of Tea!”

Embrace Acts Of Love!


In death, like most people will attest, we find grief at its ultimate depth. However, we remain soothed by our indelible memories and the abiding faith that our loved ones are resting in solace with the angels in heaven.

The enduring challenge, therefore, is for us humans to more consistently channel rivers of kindness, and extend our love, care and compassion to our families, friends, neighbourhoods, communities, and all humankind in the NOW when they can see, feel and appreciate the depth of these feelings as well as inhale the sweet fragrance of bouquets in this earthly domain. Continue reading “Embrace Acts Of Love!”

Random Act Of Kindness – 3.


So,  I try as much as possible to live the kind of life I preach with my blogs. No human is perfect and we are all flawed. But one can choose to live an intentional life and have a deliberate lifestyle. I made up my mind a long time ago to be that person who will affect humanity positively. And I’ve been living by this example. I’ve been engaging the world and changing lives with my random acts of kindness. Continue reading “Random Act Of Kindness – 3.”

Random Act Of Kindness – 2

Kindness is an act that always has a resounding effect. Often times, kindness is a spontaneous act. The thoughts come off just like that and we find ourselves doing little things for others. Spontaneity is a good way to show kindness. And it could be anything. Random acts of kindness just come to you at the moment when the opportunity arises and this could be anywhere and with strangers. Continue reading “Random Act Of Kindness – 2”

Random Act Of Kindness…!

Humans often times take for granted just how powerful a simple act of kindness can be and the far-reaching effect it can have.

Money is not everything. And we don’t need to see giving as always parting with money or cash. No.

We can be wealthy with little or no money from simple gestures. Continue reading “Random Act Of Kindness…!”

Just A Kind Word…!

Long Post Alert! 

“Hmmn. Stella, Did you say you want to study abroad? Na wao. As if there’s no Unilag (University of Lagos)? Some people get big eye sha”. You know your father cannot afford abroad for you…And you’re looking for £1k. Do you know how much that is?” And I said, Yes I know, it’s N100k. Some years ago!

And my friend laughed. Ignored me and didn’t say a word to me again. After some quirky moments of silence, I left her shop. A few months later I got a Scholarship to study abroad. I got a paid scholarship to study in Denmark. Oh wow! Continue reading “Just A Kind Word…!”

It’s Not By Mere Words…!

It’s Not By Mere Words.

It’s not by how many times you gather to take a selfie together. It’s not by how many times you’ve hung out together during the girls night out. Or Boys night out. No. It’s not by claiming and singing it to the whole world that He/She is my friend. No. It’s not by daily professing love to them on Facebook by using endearing names and chants that determines how strong you both are. No. Continue reading “It’s Not By Mere Words…!”

Volunteer To Help…!

Deep within me

Deep within my soul

I hold a passion that no one else understands

A passion to render help

To people who did not solicit for it

And to some others in dire need of me


How happy I feel to see the smiles on their faces

When I listen to their pathetic stories

The hurt and pain they have been through

And the lonesome feeling of separation

From families and loved ones

A moment with these Refugees

Became a time well spent


I volunteer to help anyone

As my inner spirit leads me

And it did lead me to the elderly in my city

To be in their midst once every week

Together with other volunteers

We cook and eat together

Every visit to the elderly people’s home

Leaves me fulfilled and happier


To listen to them as they share their pains and sorrows

To go on occasional walk with them

To visit and keep them company

To cheer them up

Became a craving

A strong desire


Thus I create the time

‘Cos I love it so

To share a moment with them

To talk and listen to their heartaches

Became a source of joy to me

Became a passion I cherish

Perhaps, it’s innate in me

To help lessen the burden of others

So I pledged to give my time

For the sake of love

For humanity

To render help without a fee

To volunteer

Without any charges



Submitted for Forgiving Fridays.  Forgiving Fridays.

This challenge is hosted by the amiable and lovely Debbie, the blogger behind- Forgiving Connects. 

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Peace and Love!

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Have You Helped Too Much For Too Long?

Do you allow your life to move on without you?
Do you just wake up and eat, and please others but yourself?
Do you allow your car to drive off and leave you behind?
Do you just exist while others are feeding fat on your sweat?
Do you try to please all your village/community and extended family members?
Is your home ever busy because people are coming to take from you always?
Is that your iPhone or Samsung phone ever buzzing because everyone needs help and must call you to give?
Are you overwhelmed and exhausted because of the enormous weight you carry as you try to please others? Continue reading “Have You Helped Too Much For Too Long?”

The Act Of Kindness…

Kindness is a virtue

Possessed by a few

If you’ve got it

Flaunt it. Showcase it

And never stop doing that graceful act

It produces bountiful harvests

And creates resounding rippling effects

‘Tis true the world cannot be changed in a single stroke

But your gentle compassion towards others

And your show of empathy

The slighted deed of kindness

Makes the difference in the world


Continue reading “The Act Of Kindness…”