Weekly Photo Challenge – Silence!

Silence is the theme for this week’s challenge.

“What does silence look like? Show us your take in a photograph.”

“How would you capture silence in a photograph?”


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Texture!

“Photography is a primarily visual medium, but we can experience it with more than one sense. This week, focus on the tactile element of the objects you shoot, whether it’s one distinct quality — softness, smoothness, graininess, or any other texture you find interesting — or a combination of several within one frame”.

We consume photos through our eyes, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have a tactile element, too. – Ben Huberman


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Landscape & Cropping – Photo 101

Day Fifteen: Landscape & Cropping. We’ve practiced our establishing shots, captured street scenes, and observed the natural world. Today, let’s walk in the footsteps of masters like Ansel Adams and focus on landscape photography.

Landscapes generally focus on wide, vast depictions of nature and all of its elements, from formations to weather. In this genre of photography, you won’t find much of a human presence: nature itself is the subject. A focus on nature isn’t mandatory, however — you can capture a sweeping panorama of an entire city, town, or industrial area.  Continue reading “Landscape & Cropping – Photo 101”