Happy Earth Day!

The first earth day took the United States by storm on April 22, 1970. By 1990, Earth day had climbed the global stage with awareness reaching millions of people across the globe.

It’s Earth Day today whether we like it or not.  We need to be aware of the many benefits from Mother Earth. We need to be reminded of our connection to Mother Nature and acknowledge that we enjoy immense benefit through her many channels on this planet called Earth.


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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Blue!

And this week is a BLUE affair on Tuesday Photo Challenge. We are asked to go dig out the many shades of blueness that we can find out there… Yes, that was our assignment on this week’s prompt by Frank. Lol.

So let’s go see the shades and hues of Blue we’ve got in the world.

DSC_0385 (2) - Kopi

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