Today Is Valentine’s Day!


Yes, the long-awaited LOVE Day is here!!

Valentine’s Day is the next big thing to Christmas. People get all too excited and shop like crazy. They get worried as they start thinking about romantic gestures and overtures to make to their loved ones. And the race to shop for gifts becomes a big task.

And at the same, there is the anticipation of ideas and the gestures they might receive from their spouses, friends, family members, secret crushes, admirers and even colleagues.

Today, in case you are bereft of ideas on how to spend this love day, I’ve got some tips for you to consider. Perhaps, it might help you spend quality time with that special someone in your life.

You don’t have to rob a bank to celebrate Valentine’s Day. You can keep it simple but nice.

Share an ice cream with someone you love, this is not just limited to couples or lovers alone, but to those around you.

You can consider taking a walk with your partner in a park, talking and laughing just about anything under the sun.

How about watching a romantic movie together? There are many collections out there that will add some spice to your day. In a dim lit room with your favourite drinks, enjoy the warmth of each other as you settle to a beautiful movie.

And hey, show some love, spread this net of love to your parents, your kids, siblings, special friends, colleagues and to those lonely souls out there in the world.

Valentine doesn’t have to be expensive.

Always remember, Valentine’s Day is no big deal. We can always choose to love someone every day.

Happy Valentine’s Day! 


Peace and Love!

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