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Don’t Compare Yourself To Others!

“Comparison is the thief of joy.”  – Theodore Roosevelt

As humans, we often compare ourselves to others. And there are a number of reasons why we do so. People are different. Therefore, we seemingly compare ourselves to a multitude of people. Either because we like their lifestyles, their career success, their family backgrounds, their physical appearances, their jobs and the list is endless. Continue reading

Death is Notorious!

I sit down in solitude reflecting
But how long will I ponder on this demon?
The unnumbered people snatched by death
To accidents
To childbirth
To Suicide
To mild sicknesses
To debilitating illnesses
And those who slept and never woke up
Where do I begin from?
Our Actors and Actresses
Young and old
Rich and Poor
Some I know
Others are strangers
But death is notorious
Ambiguous and mysterious
They cried and laughed
They sang and danced
They prayed and hoped
But death have no mercies
And left them with no choice
I sit here and ponder
Will it be you?
Will it be me?
Today, tomorrow, or next?
Don’t brood about this reality
Don’t try to run away
We never will be able to escape its noose
Your pain is my pain
We are all in this together


Submitted for the Daily Prompt – Notorious.

PS: There has been a surge in death among Actors in Nigeria. And suicide is committed daily at an alarming rate. It’s become worrisome why people try to end it all by suicide. 

Peace and Love!

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The Daily Prompt – Notorious!

The buzz on Toxic Relationships cannot be exhausted because it is such a broad content. Toxicity comes in different forms. Violence in a relationship takes different shapes. There is need to look into our relationships with other people. My relationship, your relationship, our relationship with others, combine to impact in us and the society at large. And these have both positive and negative effects. Continue reading