Love Vibes – Life Greatest Gift!


My Views About LOVE:

I believe that LOVE is only complex to blind minds. Even with eyes wide closed you can still feel the murmur, the fragrance, the sound, the magic of love around you. We are humans.  We will always misbehave one way or the other either right or wrong in a relationship. But, what will make the relationship last is for one of the partners to overlook the other’s misbehaviour for the sake of love. Certainly, there will always be friction in a relationship but the ability to manage it well determines the longevity of such a union. Continue reading “Love Vibes – Life Greatest Gift!”

Promise Me…

If you’d be my daily strength 

and my comfort

And if you’d make me

your one and only passionate win

We’d stand firm

wading through this journey of life 

craving for each others warmth 

And our love will know no frontiers




Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2017 by Simpledimple.  All Rights Reserved.


The Daily Prompt – Partner!

He moved closer to me and brushed his lips against mine

I wanted to pull away but his scent intoxicated me

He parted my trembling lips and kissed me so fiercely

sending wild sensations all over my body Continue reading “The Daily Prompt – Partner!”

The Power Of Love…

How can I not be hurt when you are hurt?

Isn’t love about sharing?

Isn’t love about good times and bad times?

Isn’t that what the power of love is all about?

Sharing sad and happy moments together Continue reading “The Power Of Love…”