Today’s Rant…

Today is December 30, 2017. It’s the last weekend of the year, 2017. And obviously, it is the last Saturday in 2017.  I can see your face lit up with smiles.  I know you are excited that you’ve almost come to the end of this year? And you are ready to say goodbye to 2017.  Expectant that the coming year will be much better and more fruitful, right? Continue reading “Today’s Rant…”

It’s Time To Say Goodbye…

It’s just a few more days and we’d say goodbye to 2017. How will we start off in 2018? Have you sat down to think about that? Well, would you say that there is no need to hurry with such thoughts until we get to the New Year?

It will be nice to begin to prepare for the New Year and see how best to achieve a great deal of success in the year. So before you march into 2018, hopefully, let’s take some time to search our lives. Let’s check those behaviours and ideas we’ve allowed to cripple us in 2017. It’s time to check the stuff we intend to carry over to the New Year. Continue reading “It’s Time To Say Goodbye…”

2017 Focus Word…!!!

I have never been one who make resolutions at the beginning of any year because I know words are not easy to keep and often times people fail to ‘walk the talk’

Oh yes, even before the end of the first quarter of the year, the so called resolutions are already flying out of the windows, discarded and thrown out as garbage. So, I decided to set a buzz word (s) that will act as a reminder of the needful things to achieve this year. Continue reading “2017 Focus Word…!!!”

Because it is A NEW YEAR…

In this new year, it is pertinent to look at the past year (s) and assess the areas we did not record any appreciable level of success. While there is the need to adopt new measures to tackle them this year.

Because it is a new year… Continue reading “Because it is A NEW YEAR…”

The Daily Prompt – Year!

There are 365 days in a year and 366 days in a leap year. What’s packed in a year? So many things pleasant and unpleasant. A year is such a long time and there are so many activities and events loaded and tucked inside a year. Continue reading “The Daily Prompt – Year!”

Resolutions And Promises…!

New Year Resolution?

Most people welcome every New Year by making resolutions or promises that are rarely achieved. A list of goals are written down with the expectation to carry out such goals. However, often times, these goals are discarded and never accomplished, simply because some of them are unrealistic. Continue reading “Resolutions And Promises…!”