Recalling My Childhood!


Growing up, we spent more times outdoors as kids. I experienced an outdoor childhood unlike what the norm is today. Those moments we spent outside with other kids were one of the greatest memories of my childhood.

Vacation from school meant coming together with friends for some unforgettable moments outdoors. We indulged in all kinds of play and took long walks into the neighbourhood, helping the others run errands. Togetherness was the watchword. And there were no acrimonious tendencies at that time. We shared our meals if need be. We enjoyed the feel of the sun on our backs and the slap of the wind on our faces giving us a breather as we inhaled freshness into our lungs. The healing powers in playing outdoors with friends nurtured me. I grew to appreciate the other person. It boosted the humanness in me. Continue reading “Recalling My Childhood!”

The Daily Prompt – Qualm!

Rita is fond of her grandmother. She would do anything for her. A reason she spends most of her short holidays with her paternal grandmother.  Rita loved to sit by her grandmother’s side as she spins historical stories and folklores to her. Rita loved storytelling. She loved to hear the stories about kingship and the Warlords of her dear town. Never in her thoughts, did she imagine what nature had in store for her. She was cultured and her good nature reflected like the sunny rays of a glowing sun. Continue reading “The Daily Prompt – Qualm!”

Good Night Giggles!

Change is the only constant thing. Tonight, I am so knackered. It was a very hectic day at work… and I couldn’t really be here (on the blogosphere) as I would have loved to today. Sorry, but the quotes will wait till tomorrow. Instead, here is something to take away from me. Continue reading “Good Night Giggles!”