Solitude: Self-Discovery in Aloneness

“Alone time is when I distance myself from the voices of the world so I can hear my own.”  —   Oprah Winfrey


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In solitude you find – silence, peace, calm, ideas, creativity, and an inner voice that speaks to you. To find solitude is to find that moment of aloneness, when you retreat from routine activities, the crowd and company of others to connect with yourself. This requires a sense of discipline.

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Let us Pray…

Are you hurting badly and in tears?
Are you disappointed in life?
Are you heartbroken and in despair?
Do you feel all alone in a crowded world?
Is your life all about regrets?
Are you giving up on the last ray of hope?
Do you feel no one cares for you anymore?

Then come let us PRAY
It’s time to talk to God

He will heal your broken heart
He will breathe peace to your life
Be quiet for a moment, be still.

Hear his voice speak to you
His words, the word of God
Has the healing powers
To heal your broken heart
To comfort you
To restore your hope again
And give you a new beginning

There is power in PRAYERS
There is POWER in the word of GOD
Let the WORD be your guide.

Have a blessed day, my dear people!