Dear Self…

It is high time you realized some good facts about these ‘social friends’ you have so embraced in recent times. Better be honest with yourself… Okay, for some time now. I’ve been watching you so closely and I think you should consider the effects of hanging around these so-called friends like your whole life depends on them.

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Guilty or not Guilty?


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I would like to define procrastination as setting aside goals one is committed to for no valid reason; and embracing other less important matters. Therefore, important goals are shifted to a future time and date that never seem to come.

Some major goals suffer setbacks when we procrastinate.

We put off things of importance feeling a temporary relief because we want to avoid discomfort.

Many things hit the unrealised goals when we delay and push things forward to an unrealistic time.

That moment when I squander my time sitting down and remember history  – the past with a nostalgic feeling.

Sitting down whining and believing that I cannot do it.

At that time when I put off household chores, engage in pleasurable tasks like movies, surfing the internet for hours, sleeping, day-dreaming, with a total disregard for very urgent tasks, I let other important things suffer delay.

That time when I forget that there is work to be done. I mean real work that are pushed aside for frivolous activities. I squander the time for self-development. I fail to meet deadlines with job applications, research or even reading. I fail to pay the bills, I end up not connecting with the real people that matter more in my life. I put off starting an exercise routine and the list goes on.

Due to the temporary relief of the moment, I forget the long term reward of tackling issues at the right time. Then self-accusations and the feeling of guilt eat me up for my inactions and delay.

Today, I urge you to kindly analyse your behaviour if you identify any of these traits in you. Then ask yourself where you are headed to in the future if you carry on like this.

Begin to do less of those unprofitable activities and engage more on those ventures that take you nearer to your goals.

Schedule your time properly and adhere to it.

In essence, be more committed and more responsible.

Dare to change your procrastinating pattern.

Accept discomfort now and enjoy comfort tomorrow.

Peace and Love!


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A New Site Title & Tagline

Day Two Assignment on Blogging 101.

Change according to the old cliché is the only constant thing in life.

Change is distinct. Change occurs in our daily lives and most times, cannot be noticed or observed except one take a close and deeper look. Change is one thing that we must accept, if we need to move forward.

Failing to embrace change mean we want to remain in a particular status-quo that wouldn’t bring us any good growth.  We would then become obsolete, redundant and complacent.

Change is ephemeral.

Change is normal.

Change is progressive and it’s what makes everyday life different and interesting.

Today’s Assignment:

By today’s tasks, I was once again reminded about a phenomenon that is very glaring in our daily lives. As humans, we desire transformation in certain areas of our lives.  We take practical steps to enable us achieve this goal.

Some changes pass through a period of trials and errors. Strategizing and re-strategizing. Getting it wrong and bracing up to redo it until we get it right.  I am a case study of this trial and error because I’ve tried some customizing on my blog without success. This is because I didn’t pay attention to the WordPress tutorials or guides as I ought to.

As at the time I started blogging, which is quite recent, I knew I wasn’t very satisfied with my blog outlook. And I silently wished to change its appearance. But as humans, I was slow to taking the move. Call it procrastination and you would have guessed right. I thought it was a cumbersome exercise to undertake. Hence the reluctance in me didn’t give me the nudge to be adventurous. And when I eventually tried, I didn’t have the patience to get it right.

I am happy that today’s assignment prompted me to take action, this time with zest and seriousness. A big thanks goes to the facilitators of the Blogging 101 Course.

Today, my blog has a coat of new colours, a new Theme as well as a new Site Title and Tagline.

Before the Site Title was SSD’s Random Thoughts

AND the Tagline was – Personal, Cultural Vibes, Articles, Poetry and more.


Site Title is – SSD’s Giggles and Tales

And the Tagline is – Telling Life’s Stories with a Smile.

I believe that the new look is better than the old one.

These new names are explanatory. The ‘SSD’ means ‘Stella Simple Dimple’.  I hope it depicts the blogs content. My tales on this blog will be told with a sweet dimpled smile laced with a sense of humour.

So, as you peruse the changes on this new site, kindly let me know if you feel a giggle and a sparkle in your spirit. Tell me whatever you are thinking right now with regards to my new improved Blog Site.

Should the new look stay? Maybe a few touches here and there…

What do you think?

Thank you for reading me. Again, let’s keep writing and reading one another – the tales of life.