The Daily Prompt – Notable!

Genevieve graduated from a notable institution where she studied theatre arts.

Today, she feels accomplished, having believed that one day she would become an important figure in her industry.

Indeed, her acting career has paid off well. She is one of the famous actors in her forties, who has lived a modest life with a notable lack of grandiosity. Continue reading “The Daily Prompt – Notable!”

The Daily Prompt – Bestow!

Love is free

But you pay a price for loving

Love bestows responsibilities

It bestows the task to nurture

To honour

To defend

To protect

To bless

To praise

To provide

To feed

To appreciate

The heart that you love

Love bestows responsibilities



In response to The Daily Prompt – Bestow.

Peace and Love!

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Don’t Resist Change…!

Change according to the old cliché is the only constant thing in life. Change is distinct. Change occurs in our daily lives and most times, cannot be seen except one take a close and deeper look. Change must occur if we desire to move forward otherwise, one will become obsolete, redundant and complacent. Change is ephemeral. Change is normal. Change is progressive and it’s what makes everyday life different and interesting. Continue reading “Don’t Resist Change…!”

Just A Kind Word…!

Long Post Alert! 

“Hmmn. Stella, Did you say you want to study abroad? Na wao. As if there’s no Unilag (University of Lagos)? Some people get big eye sha”. You know your father cannot afford abroad for you…And you’re looking for £1k. Do you know how much that is?” And I said, Yes I know, it’s N100k. Some years ago!

And my friend laughed. Ignored me and didn’t say a word to me again. After some quirky moments of silence, I left her shop. A few months later I got a Scholarship to study abroad. I got a paid scholarship to study in Denmark. Oh wow! Continue reading “Just A Kind Word…!”

The Daily Prompt – Uniform 2

He stood there in his well-starched uniform and for a few seconds didn’t seem to have any words to utter. He was in total shock as a wave of memories surged like an ocean and engulfed him in grief. His handsome face had a big scar by the neck. He bent down and tears ran down freely in his cheek. Continue reading “The Daily Prompt – Uniform 2”

Yet Another Day…

The weekend had come and gone. And life goes on so rapidly.

It’s a new day and then a new day becomes an old day and then move on to the next day

If you are lucky you keep moving on as the pages turn

I tried to write in the weekend. To write some really cool stuffs.

I started to write, then I started to doze. I got up made some good coffee

Then I started to feel like munching something.

I opened the fridge and found some bits and pieces

Of food to chew. No, not what I like to snack.

Then I found some nuts. Love them nuts so I munched away.

I wrote a few lines. Got up again.

I found my jacket. My boot. My hand gloves. And my scarf.

I wore them and felt bloated. But had no choice else the cold

Will make a mockery of me. So l walked out of the house listening to a cool music.

Outside, the temperature was harsh and wicked.

Life was freezing away.

The streets were covered in fog. And visibility was poor. But I moved on.

My heart was beating fast as I took one step and then another step.

But one thing was clear in the foggy weather

I could hear an unspeakable peace. Tranquil and serenity

It was all so encompassing.

My heart was joyous as I sent out a flicker of smile

To Mother Nature.

True, there is something so overwhelming. In the cold.

This moment is all there is to see in life.

This moment. These encompassing breaths.

These hurried steps in the cold peaceful atmosphere

I looked above me to the limitless sky

All gray, wispy and pale.

Everywhere was quiet but my breath. My steps.

As the city breathes peace and tranquil

I paused in my strides.

Turned round but not a shadow in sight

My heart was joyous

The moments I spend with myself

With the beautiful vastness of this earth

Cherished. Heartwarming. So very profound. 

I made a detour

It was time to grace some warmth again


Peace and Love!

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Good Night Giggles!

Change is the only constant thing. Tonight, I am so knackered. It was a very hectic day at work… and I couldn’t really be here (on the blogosphere) as I would have loved to today. Sorry, but the quotes will wait till tomorrow. Instead, here is something to take away from me. Continue reading “Good Night Giggles!”

Three Line Tales – Week Twenty!

This is my Three Line Tale, Week 20, submission to Sonya’s (Only 100 Words) challenge. Everyone is invited to participate. For more information, click Here.

Three line tales

Photo by – Stephanie McCabe – click here for full res version 

*******  Continue reading “Three Line Tales – Week Twenty!”