Weekly Photo Challenge – Rounded!

This week, share your take on “rounded.” it’s a broad theme, so I look forward to your personal interpretations, whether you choose to focus on a curving street, limbs caught mid-way through a dance, a bowl of fruit (think of all the round shapes!), or any other object, landscape, or texture that fits within your definition of the theme. As always, less-literal takes are equally welcome.” – Ben Huberman Continue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge – Rounded!”

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Mirror!

This challenge is about mirrors! I have tried to showcase mirror literally using different shades, through reflections from the mirrors to the stillness of the water and even in buildings with glass facades.

*Somewhere in the beautiful country of Sweden. Love the hue and reflections in the water*

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Chaos!

This week, Ben Huberman asked us to embrace disorder and its creative power. “Share your own take on chaos, whether it’s the mess in your living room, a busy street crossing, a party on the verge of getting a little out of hand, or any other subject that celebrates a lack of (visual) control.” Continue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge – Chaos!”

Triumph & Contrast – Photo 101

Day Twenty: Triumph & Contrast.  Triumph comes in all shapes and sizes: finding enough coffee to make a full pot. Having just enough gas in the tank to get to the filling station. Finding out your story was accepted for publication in that awesome magazine.  Continue reading “Triumph & Contrast – Photo 101”