Just A Kind Word…!

Long Post Alert! 

“Hmmn. Stella, Did you say you want to study abroad? Na wao. As if there’s no Unilag (University of Lagos)? Some people get big eye sha”. You know your father cannot afford abroad for you…And you’re looking for £1k. Do you know how much that is?” And I said, Yes I know, it’s N100k. Some years ago!

And my friend laughed. Ignored me and didn’t say a word to me again. After some quirky moments of silence, I left her shop. A few months later I got a Scholarship to study abroad. I got a paid scholarship to study in Denmark. Oh wow! Continue reading “Just A Kind Word…!”

The Daily Prompt – Inhabit.

Look at this house very well, it has served as a “funeral home “, since 1966 until April 2017. Thousands of dead bodies have been kept here before final journey.

But now, this building has been simply cleaned and rented out as apartments. The occupants are professional young men and women.


haunted house (3).jpg Continue reading “The Daily Prompt – Inhabit.”

The Daily Prompt – Meddle!

She claims that her mother in law is always meddling in her marriage. This has led to several crises in her home.

A chaotic cold war is now upon the two women who never fail to show how much they dislike each other’s presence. Continue reading “The Daily Prompt – Meddle!”

The Daily Prompt – Natty!

Ray became worried after waiting for 30 minutes without any sight of her. They had scheduled their meeting for 5 pm. But now the time is slowly crawling to a few minutes to six o’clock and he was beginning to entertain the fear that she had stood him up. A little apprehensive, his bright face began to gather some wrinkles as he grimaced to show his anxious demeanour. Continue reading “The Daily Prompt – Natty!”

The Daily Prompt – Imaginary!

It started that evening after she agreed to attend a live performance at the theatre located in the centre of the city where she lived. She has always admired him. He was a prolific actor and strikingly dead gorgeous. He had the kind of looks that made heads turn as they encounter him. He made people stop in their tracks. He was a head stunner and the women loved him. Everyone was drawn to his cuteness and to cap it all, he had a beautiful soul. Continue reading “The Daily Prompt – Imaginary!”

Tales From Denmark – Part 1

I arrived Denmark with nostalgia. There was a part of me that felt so confident and happy. While the other part of me was fraught with trepidation.  I was apprehensive.  But, I was unwilling to allow fear cripple my new found happiness.  The fear of the unknown. How will life turn out in the white man’s land? I have heard so much about the white man. I’ve seen them in movies. I’ve met a couple of them in real time back in Lagos. But to live amongst them is the newest experience I’m about to discover. The what ‘if’s’ was paramount on my mind. Continue reading “Tales From Denmark – Part 1”

Good Morning Giggles!

He was a household name especially among children who enjoyed his movies. A brand of his own. He was 007. He was James Bond.

The actor was born in London in 1927. His first break in TV came in romantic adventure Ivanhoe which was the start of a set of hit shows that graced the screens of many movie lovers.  He was the epitome of the suave English gent, quipping sweatlessly in a bespoke three-piece suit. His acting career spanned over eight decades. Continue reading “Good Morning Giggles!”

The Daily Prompt – Adrift!

Grandma wasn’t her buoyant self anymore. Her effervescent nature has gradually fizzled out. She has drifted into a shadow of her former self. A debilitating illness dealt her this blow. Oh, Grandma!   Continue reading “The Daily Prompt – Adrift!”

The Daily Prompt – Qualm!

Rita is fond of her grandmother. She would do anything for her. A reason she spends most of her short holidays with her paternal grandmother.  Rita loved to sit by her grandmother’s side as she spins historical stories and folklores to her. Rita loved storytelling. She loved to hear the stories about kingship and the Warlords of her dear town. Never in her thoughts, did she imagine what nature had in store for her. She was cultured and her good nature reflected like the sunny rays of a glowing sun. Continue reading “The Daily Prompt – Qualm!”

Good Morning Giggles!

So how is everyone doing today? It’s a new day and the weekend is creeping in gradually on us. This morning, I’d share the atmosphere of my brief encounter at the arrival gate of the airport. My friend Efe was coming in from the UK and I needed to pick her up. Continue reading “Good Morning Giggles!”