The Month Of August…!


When the summer sun is relentless

Blazing fiercely

Intoxicating everyone and everywhere

With her spicy heat wave

Ouch! The forest becomes a protective canopy

As we hide to protect our burning skins


When the humidity is overwhelming

When the sun is ruthless with its shine

When the heatwave becomes an irritating pain

When we peel off the last of our body smocks

When the countryside is bathed in brilliant sunlight

When the grass grows taller in the meadows

When the cows come out to graze in pastureland


When the summer sun beat against my foreheads, forming beads of sweat on my brow

When swimming becomes a saving grace

When children play hide and seek in the tall lawns

When picnics at the riverside becomes tantalizing

When chilly drinks, ice-creams and tasty fruits become a huge delight


When we all pose for the paparazzi

Smiling into the lenses

To capture the lingering memories we create

In beautiful collages of eccentric photography






Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2017 by Simpledimple.  All Rights Reserved.

The Summer Solstice!

It’s official that summertime has arrived with all its wondrous assemblages.

We are in for a sizzling experience with the gorgeous sunlight and burning temperature.

The feeling of summer is exhilarating. It gives a sense of joy to know that light still radiates even when it ought to be dark.

What does this season mean to me?

It means maximum sunlight, sunshine, warmth, flip flops, Tank tops, Shorts, Hey what else? It means hazy days and warm breezy nights.

It means fun time with family and friends. It means enjoying the bliss of the outdoors with the smell of roasts and barbecues. I love grill time when I engage in chitchats.

It means vacations to the exotic places on our bucket list. It means enjoying the peaceful ambience of summer houses and lush greeneries.

It means picnics, beaches, beautiful parks and wild cravings for ice-cream and delightful fruits and cold drinks.

And it means a time to visit the shopping centres.

The summer sale is another bonanza of the season. The shops are filled with exciting goodies discounted crazily to attract patronage. You are inclined to shop because of the slashed prices. It’s enough incentive. But wait a minute, the purse suffers a heavy blow during this mad rush to make extreme purchases.

And the list is endless.

I am not done yet!

It’s a period to smile at nature even when nothing is funny. A time to simply acknowledge the freedom to be oneself again.

To have a passionate romance with photography.  Ah, it’s selfie day today! Let’s pose for the camera. Haha.

But really, who wouldn’t love the summertime?

Who wouldn’t love this new atmosphere and the break from the heavy items of clothing that keeps us warm from the frigid wintry cold?

Let’s enjoy the sizzling moments in summer because it’s only in transition.

Let’s take a breather in the colourful season and have fun.

So, today is ‘The Summer Solstice’.

It’s said to be the longest day of the year and generally understood to mark the first official day of summer.

Raise your glasses with me, Brethren.

And let’s clink together to summer and the beauty of the season.

Cheers everyone for a happy summertime. 


PS: Feel free to share your summer expectations…


Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2018 by Simpledimple. All Rights Reserved.


Summertime Is Grill Moments…!

















I love summertime because it means grill time with friends. It’s always an intriguing moment for me as I enjoy the chit-chats and fun activities.


Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2018 by Simpledimple.  All Rights Reserved.


Indeed, A Beautiful Day!

I can’t let this beautiful day that nature is so kind to bless us with a good weather pass just like that. No, I can’t let this day that the sun is smiling sweetly on us pass without creating some good memories of it. Continue reading “Indeed, A Beautiful Day!”

Weekly Photo Challenge – Ambience!

According to WP, Jeffgolenski, “Ambience is the atmosphere of one’s surrounding environment. It basically boils down to how one’s surroundings impact the human senses and alter the feelings of an individual. Things like light, temperature, smell, sound, and sometimes taste, all work together to create ambience. The term ambience usually refers to a positive atmosphere that uplifts a person’s mood. As an example, one might say, “Wow, this place has real ambience!” Continue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge – Ambience!”

The Face of Summer – Daily Prompt!

Behold the face of SUMMER!!!

So, it is now official that summer 2016 has berthed. June 20 – The Summer Solstice!!!

What does this mean to me? Ha ho, ho ha!!! It means sunlight, sunshine, warmth, flip flops, Tank tops, Shorts, Hey what else? It means hazy days and warm breezy nights!!!  Continue reading “The Face of Summer – Daily Prompt!”