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Devotional Nuggets – #58

My today’s meditation and devotional prayer was taken from Luke 15: 13:

‘Not many days later, the younger son gathered together all he had and travelled to a distant country, where he squandered his estate in foolish living’. Continue reading

Sunday Giggles…!

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning with a glistening glow from the sun. So how are you doing today? How has these two weeks of 2017 been for you? Yes, it’s already two weeks into the year and I hope it’s looking promising for you. What can I tell you now? Thus far, it’s been pretty good. I’ve been having some quiet reflective moments and taking one step at a time trusting God to make it a bountiful year of good success. All there is to do is to try and do the best you can by taking the necessary steps that will catapult you into a new level.  Continue reading

Our Fruits We May Not See…!

A young woman, who was a great lover of flowers, had set out a rare vine at the base of a stone wall … It grew vigorously, but it did not bloom. Day after day she cultivated it, watered it, and tried in every way to coax it to bloom. Continue reading

It’s The Lord’s Day!

It is easy to follow a person’s footprints if we walk close behind them, but if we walk some distance back, we might fail to see them as clearly. Similarly, if we follow close after the Lord, we would easily see the footsteps along the way, but if we try to follow afar off, we would find it difficult to know the path of His will. – Andrew Bonar

Continue reading

Sunday Giggles…

Today is Sunday! A brand new day.

I hope you woke up with gratitude in your heart. I wake up with a feeling of thankfulness to God for a new day. It’s a routine and habit I enjoy very much. Well, perhaps, you woke up not with a reason to be thankful but with hope for a good day, right?  Continue reading

Officially It’s Spring…

It’s official that spring is here. Oh yes, with the change of time today, a new season has come. So, I woke up today singing a new song that nothing last forever. And times and seasons change telling me that no condition is permanent.  Continue reading