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Photo Of The Day – The Copenhagen arch – The Town Gate Bridge at the Copenhagen Harbour, is always a beautiful delight. 🙂


Peace and Love!

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Scale!

“For this week’s challenge, make use of sizing, placement, and scale in your photos. Perhaps you live in a place with mountains, and want to highlight the size of the homes in relation to the dramatic landscape. Or, conversely, if you live in a city, how do the buildings change when you place a smaller object, like a cup or a toy, in the front of your frame? Can you make them appear smaller or, conversely, can you make them look like the biggest skyscrapers in the world? “


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Pedestrian!

“What does pedestrian mean to you? Perhaps this is a great chance to go out and practice some street photography. Maybe you’ll capture something truly “pedestrian” – something that could use a dose of inspiration. Regardless of how you interpret this challenge.”


ife (2)
*Ile-Ife, Osun State – Nigeria*





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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Hour!

I decided to watch the sunrise on this particular morning last year summer.  I was up earlier than usual just in time to behold a golden sun smiling into my eyes from my windows.


SL370561 (2)
*The Early Morning SUNRISE – 5. AM on June 21, 2016*

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The Daily Prompt – Interest!

There are many things I have a great interest in. Some of those things I’ve inculcated into my lifestyle already. Others, I am yet to embrace.

It’s no secret that I have interest in Photography. I can’t call myself an expert photographer. I still struggle with the rudiments of handling the camera and aiming for better shots. However, I hope I’ll get there someday because I truly love to have mastery in the art of photography. Continue reading “The Daily Prompt – Interest!”

Weekly Photo Challenge – Window!

“Your inspiration this week is windows. Show us what you see out the window. Use a window to give structure to your photo, or make a window itself your subject.

To get more creative, use the glass in a window to add texture to your photo. Or share an image focused on someone’s eyes (the windows to the soul) or of a landscape or piece of art that’s like a window to another world for you.” Continue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge – Window!”