Love is in The Air!

Talking about love is talking about life.

What is life without love?
What is life without the special people in our lives?
No matter how much we deny it, love is very important. It is only when love hurts that we look back and declare that it is pain. Then we begin to prattle and ramble about it.
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It’s a LOVE Feast…

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Valentine helps to rekindle the soft side of Humans.

Love is life and and Life is love

Don’t dare to miss out on love

Don’t miss out in life

I believe in LOVE

I believe in the sharing formula of an existing LOVE ties

I believe in the meaning of love

And the rich, kind, generous words that love connotes

I want to be loved.

And I know you want to be loved too

So give love a chance

Give me LOVE.

Wow! Hmmmnn, Does it sound romantic?

Yeah! Show me love and I give you love from all my HEART!

NOW go YE out and spread the GOSPEL of LOVE

Happy Valentine’s Day!