The Woman And Envy!


I am not shocked. I am not surprised either. I am just at a complete loss for words on some of the things I come across on Facebook. My eyes see all kinds even though I ignore them. However, the mind sometimes wanders away to think about trending disparaging and offensive write-ups. Continue reading “The Woman And Envy!”

Happy International Women’s Day!

Today’s woman is no longer crawling. She is walking and quite boldly too with so much confidence.

Though she is faced with many hurdles and challenges, she is going to crush those too and any other seeming obstacle that would want to derail her visions.

Today’s woman is strong, capable, resilient, stoic, confident and ever determined to be the best in the world. Continue reading “Happy International Women’s Day!”

Love Notes – #5

What do you think of my body now? I used to be prettier and shapelier than I am now. The wear and tear of marriage have changed those beautiful curves of mine that enticed you 15 years ago. Continue reading “Love Notes – #5”

The Daily Prompt – Illusion!

She gently applies the foundations

Dabbing the compact powder with the utmost care

The shapely curved eyebrows

The eyeliners and mascaras

The glittering eyeshadows

Make her eyes glow in the sunlight Continue reading “The Daily Prompt – Illusion!”

The Daily Prompt – Graceful!

She glides in rhythmic motion

Twisting her curved hips in her regal style

Her poise so graceful clad with a high esteem

Sparkling Jewels adorned her neck

Treasures stored, her toils of several years

Bouncy shiny hair that shown even in the dark

She radiates in good spirit

With a strength to call out men from their hiding

An infectious aura made only for her

She wears the scent of a woman

The world call her a strong woman

But she is a Queen to her King


In response to the Daily Prompt – Graceful.

Peace and Love!

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